Hi, I’m Lisa, creator of all the photographs you see here. A photograph is not just a picture, but a keepsake. It’s a celebration of life! Celebrate the moments, celebrate the present. After being in emergency medicine for twenty four years, I have seen how precious life can be. Life is beautiful. Life is a gift. Time with those you love is invaluable. 

Education has always been important to me. I earned a digital photography certificate from Rhode Island School of Design. A couple of years ago, I pushed the envelope further by becoming a Certified Professional Photographer. That is only two percent of the photographers in Massachusetts. Earning it was difficult, but it was important to learn technical skills to achieve great results every time when there is only one shot of getting that moment right. Also being a member of Professional Photographers of America allows me the opportunity to attend workshops throughout the country to better serve you. My work has been featured in magazines and blogs, and gotten awards. Currently, I am working towards getting my masters in photography.

I love servicing my home area of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. There are lots of nice beaches and tons of hidden gems to photograph. I come from a large, loving Portuguese family who are a lot like the characters from the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” My mother tries to feed every one, my father believes silicone spray repairs anything that is broken, and my sister has all the kids. I’m the one who broke the rules by not marrying a Portuguese guy. My grandfather was one of sixteen kids, our family reunions can occupy a small village, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

If you have a zest for life, send a note my way. Let’s celebrate the present together!

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